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The Shoot Kit

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Free shipping on all ShootKits. ( for continuous united states,all others shipping rates will apply)

The Shoot Kit is the perfect tool to help organize all the essential items in your camera bag that you use on your shoots. A photographer who has it together will make a good impression with the clients. Make 2012 the year your get your business and your camera bag organized. Get

Wedding Photographer - Must have service kit for brides

the Shoot Kit and stay organized this year.

Here are some photos of the Shoot Kit.  You can see it has several pockets for supplies.

The patent pending designed case is made of high quality treated Cotton Canvas.
It is made in the U.S.A.
Water resistant and easy to clean.
 The Shoot Kit  can hold all of the supplies you use the most( band aids, sewing kit, aspirin,hair spray, stain sticks,bug spray etc...)
It has the same circumference as your large zoom lens
It rolls up secure and fits in most camera bags
Easy to open and close Velcro closure
Keeps pins and needles safe from  scratching your lens or pricking fingers
Makes switching your bags easy. You won't forget the little things.
Great for photographers on the go!

With the Shoot Kit in your case, you will be able to focus on your clients and give top notch service when they need it most.

These kits are Made in the U.S.A.
Made from an earth friendly, treated cotton canvas

The stocked kit will arrive with the following ( while supplies last) 

Safety Pins -  Coated, so they last longer
Bobbi Pins-  a  cocoa-brown color to match most situations
Bandages - We found some that can hold up to moisture!
One spray bottle- Highly-recyclable, PET bottle, ready to fill.
One pop top bottle  - Highly-recyclable, PET bottle, ready to fill.
Pre-threaded sewing kit  -  By the supplier of fine hotels,  Gilchrist&Soames  of England.

There are still plenty of pockets for your Stain wipes, Advil, Business Cards or bug spray,sun protection,Hairspray, makeup, clippers,mints, gum. and much more.

Photos of the Kit below.

Shoot Kit's secure Velcro closure

Contents of  Shoot Kit
Shoot Kit next to 18-200VR Nikon lens
Fits into Pelican 1510 Case

ShootKit fits into any camera bag lens compartment


  1. Useful and easy to use. Great gift for the photographer, camper or even new parents. With the airlines charging for luggage, this kit will also streamline toiletries and makeup. I take mine everywhere I travel.

  2. WTG Patrick! Love this concept, it will be a lot more efficient than the little disorganized bag I use right now! Can't wait to get my hands on one!


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